MTRS Pension Calculator

Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System (MTRS) Pension Benefit Calculator


This Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System calculator gives you an estimate of your MTRS pension retirement benefits based on the information you input about your salary, years of service, and retirement age and date. It also takes into account whether you are a RetirementPlus participant or a military veteran. The formulas in the calculator are drawn from the MTRS “Estimating your MTRS retirement benefits” worksheet, and should give the same results as that worksheet. The MTRS Worksheet emphasizes that these formulas give approximations or estimations of retirement benefits. Actual retirement benefits will be determined by MTRS at the time of retirement.


You may find this calculator easier to use than the MTRS Worksheet, because the MTRS Worksheet:


  • does not work for Option C beneficiaries under age 50 or over age 69,
  •  clears all your entries when you scroll up to check or adjust the numbers you are inputting,
  • has obscure, difficult instructions for entering ages for Option C benefits, and
  • produces retirement benefit amounts when the user enters numbers, e.g., 9 years of total service, that should not qualify you for any retirement benefit.


This calculator works only for MTRS members with membership dates before April 2, 2012. It will not give the correct results for members with membership dates after April 2, 212 (“Tier 2” members), who have different “retirement percentages”. It will not produce estimates for disability, termination, or MA “Special Spousal” benefits.


You can learn more about MTRS retirement at the state site.