MA Alimony Calculator

Massachusetts Alimony Calculator


To calculate how much Massachusetts alimony you should pay or receive, simply fill in the following information and click “Calculate”.  You can then download a .pdf of the results and explanation of the results. You can learn more about alimony in MA on this page.


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The calculator on this page a) takes into account the payor’s full Social Security age, which can affect the duration of alimony, b) requires no math on your part, and c) determines who the “payor” and “recipient” are instead of asking you to determine this on your own.


This calculator uses the percentages (30%-35%)  from the 2011 Alimony Reform Act to determine maximum alimony amounts but it also shows what maximum alimony would be using a 23% to 28% range. For divorces completed after January 1, 2019, some judges may be using these lower percentages because alimony lost its federal tax deductibility for such cases. The Massachusetts Bar Association has recommended that 2019 cases onward should use 23%-28% of the difference in incomes as the high end for alimony rather than  30%-35%” of the difference, as specified in the 2011 Alimony Reform Act.