MA Alimony Plus Child Support Calculator with Tax Consequences

Massachusetts Alimony Plus Child Support Cavanagh Tax Calculator


The  unique calculator below will do the alimony, child support, and tax calculations required by the Cavanagh decision for contested (1B) divorce cases. The August 2022 Cavanagh v. Cavanagh ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court requires judges in contested divorces to consider the post-tax results of two very different ways of calculating support and alimony. This calculator gives these results in one step and requires you to do no math. 


The calculator allows you to download a .pdf that summarizes your inputs and results and provides all the information that Cavanagh requires for judges.


According to the Cavanagh decision, judges must do the following in making orders in contested (1B) cases where there might be child support:


  1. Calculate alimony first…..Then calculate child support using the parties’ post-alimony incomes.
  2. Calculate child support first. Then calculate alimony…[on family income above $400,000]
  3. Compare the base award and tax consequences of the order that would result from the calculations in step (1) with those of the order that would result from the calculations in step (2), above.