MA deviation child support calculator

Deviation Calculator for 2018 MA Child Support


This “deviation” calculator does NOT follow the June 15, 2018 MA Child Support Guidelines formulas, and the numbers it produces are NOT recognized as standard numbers by the courts.

This calculator handles childcare and health care costs differently than the June 15, 2018 MA Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. The 2018 Worksheet–which produces the standard, court-recognized child support numbers–often fails to account for health care, childcare, and dental/vision costs in a way that is transparent or reasonable. This deviation calculator disentangles health care, childcare, and dental/vision costs from the initial calculation of child support, then assigns these costs to each spouse in proportion to each spouse’s share of overall income after child support. This deviation calculator may be useful to couples who find that the 2018 Worksheet produces strange outcomes for these costs and who wish to request that the court allow them to deviate from the standard, presumptive child support numbers.

If you just wish to calculate the presumptive (“standard”) child support numbers, you should use the 2018 MA Child Support Calculator. Even though the MA 2018 Child Support Guidelines Worksheet often handles childcare and health care costs in ways that are not fair or transparent, the results it produces are the standard, presumptive numbers for family court. If you were to use the numbers from this deviation calculator you would have to give your reasons for deviation in form CJ-D 305 “Findings and Determinations for Child Support and Post-Secondary Education.” Specifically, at the top of page 3, in the section entitled, “DEVIATION – Section IV. Of the 2017 Child Support Guidelines,” you would have to explain why you are agreeing to Child Support numbers that deviate from the numbers generated by the MA June 15, 2018 Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.

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