Divorce Lawyer Reviews for Julia Rueschemeyer

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  • Julia actually came to my rescue twice. The first time, I was fortunate enough to stumble across her website while looking for divorce mediation. We did not have the time or money for court battles; we just needed someone to insert some sense and sanity into what is already a tricky and painful process. Julia was able to make our divorce process simple and straightforward, and we both felt like we were heard! Four years later, I contacted Julia again to help me with the next intimidating process of amending the divorce agreement. Again, I felt like she did her conscientious best to humanize and streamline the process (and save me money!) with her compassion, quick thinking, and thorough attention to detail. And as a bonus: she answered my panicked emails in a timely and kindly fashion.

  • I found Julia Rueschemeyer to be an outstanding and highly skilled attorney. She was extremely supportive throughout the entire mediation process and communicated to me all aspects of my case, keeping me fully informed at all times, which I have found to be rare in my experience. I could not be happier with the agreement and I appreciated her openness, sensitivity and professionalism in handling all areas of my case. She is by far one of the most dedicated and hard working individuals that I have ever seen. I highly recommend Attorney Julia Rueschemeyer.

  • Julia is smart, compassionate and fair. Her knowledge and understanding of financial details and her ability to communicate complex information clearly makes her an invaluable facilitator of a daunting process.

  • Julia was a superbly kind, compassionate resource to our family when we were facing an unexpected separation and divorce. She was extremely responsive and available and gave good, clear information that allowed us to handle a tough situation feeling well-supported.

  • I didn’t really have any idea what to expect but you definitely exceeded any expectations I did have. You handled every situation with fairness, compassion, professionalism, and empathy. ​

  • Thank you so much for handling the mediation so beautifully. Your steady patience, knowledge and humor made the process go smoothly and humanely, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

  • Thanks so much! What makes you a great a lawyer is your understanding and insight into people. I feel so blessed that you are my attorney.Thank you so much for being there when we needed you, love ya.

  • Thank you so very much, Julia, for all of your help throughout this process!!! I am so very grateful!!! ​

  • It’s final. I will have the decree in 90 days!!! I was the only one fully prepared. Thank you so much!!! I’m so happy!!!

  • I’m so glad that I put this matter in your hands.

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