Remote MA Divorce Mediation via Live Video Chat (Zoom, Skype) or Conference Call

Remote MA Divorce Mediation via Live Video Chat (Zoom, Skype) or Conference Call


I can mediate your Massachusetts divorce remotely, or virtually, via live video chat or telephone. You can complete your divorce agreement efficiently and cost effectively with me and file it with the court. You and your spouse do not need to have social contact with me or go to public offices during the coronavirus pandemic.


After you call me and we speak on the telephone, you schedule a meeting that we conduct via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. These are live video chat platforms; or we can speak via a 3-way conference telephone call.


Zoom, Skype, and Facetime are free applications that you can use on a computer or a smartphone. Even if you have not used one of these applications before, they are easy enough to use that you can download them and be video chatting with me in 5 minutes. They allow us to see each other, speak to each other, and look at documents together in real time.


I can generate all court forms and the divorce agreement and email or postal mail them to you for signatures; you or I can then file them with the court by mail. Given the importance of social isolation during the current Covid-19 pandemic, remote mediation is a way for you to keep your divorce moving forward while maintaining social isolation from other people.


Effective March 18th, 2020, you can also complete your required 5-hour parent education class online or through DVD’s, without going to a group class. The program costs $85, including tax. The fully online version is called “KidCare Online” and you can sign up for it at the top of this page: As of March 18th, 2020, you do NOT need court permission to complete this class online rather than in person.


Divorce in MA is governed by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 208, which is state-wide. The same forms and procedures are used at all MA  family courts state-wide, regardless of the county. I have successfully mediated about 1000 Massachusetts divorce cases. Because Western Massachusetts lawyer and mediation prices are generally lower than other parts of the state, you can get a Western Massachusetts price for your divorce mediation—from an Ivy League trained attorney–even if you live in one of the more expensive parts of the state.


Call me now or email me to discuss how we can move your divorce mediation forward, regardless of where you live and without having to risk increased social contact.