MA deviation child support calculator

Deviation Calculator for 2017 MA Child Support


Update May 22, 2018: The state has just released a new, June 15, 2018 MA Child Support Guidelines Worksheet that you can download here. This new version of the Worksheet corrects errors that were in the September 15, 2017 Worksheet for families with a mix of children both under 18 and over 18 receiving child support. The new worksheet also ends the double counting of childcare and health care expenses in situations of 50-50 parenting time.


Many couples with 50-50 parenting time will find that the new Worksheet now under counts the costs of childcare and health care in many cases and can financially favor or punish the person who happens to write the check for health insurance or child care, depending on incomes and these costs. The deviation calculator, below, accounts for childcare and health care costs in a transparent way that is directly proportional to parent income in 50-50 cases.