Cost of Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts

How much does divorce mediation cost? I am efficient in helping parties come to agreement, but I realize that the fees can still be expensive. I offer sliding scale flat fees* for divorce mediation, which I can do remotely for Boston, Worcester and all Massachusetts counties via Zoom. You can use the “Calculate Your Flat Fee” calculator below to see your flat fee instantly.



Household Income $100K-$200K*Household Income $50k-$100K*Household Income under $50K*
Couple has house and children under 23$3200$2500$1900
Couple has children under 23 but no house$2700$2100$1600
Couple has house but no children under 23$2400$1900$1500
No house and no children under 23$1900$1500$900

      *These flat fee prices include up to 5 hours of face-to-face meetings (4 hours for “no house and no children”).

      *Add $500 for couples with gross income from 200k-300k; $1500 for couples with gross income from $300k-$400k; $2500 for couples with gross income from $400k-$500k, etc.; add $250 for each real estate property beyond the first one; add $250 if you file Schedule C or Schedule E; add $250 for owning a business worth over $75k; add $250 for each financial instrument such as stock options; add $250 for being the beneficiary of a trust; add $250 for each $250k of assets above and beyond  houses and retirement accounts; add $500 if you have an active 1B (“contested divorce”) filed



      Calculate Your Flat Fee

      Your own business

      Special Assets

      Divorce Mediation Flat Fee: $*

      *This flat fee price includes up to 5 hours of video mediation time. Additional hours are $395/hour. About 90% of my mediated cases are finished in 5 hours or less.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about the cost of divorce mediation or about the divorce mediation process.

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